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Victor Haskins & Skein

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Victor Haskins & SKEIN

Victor Haskins & SKEIN

Victor Haskins & SKEIN
Victor Haskins & Skein promo reel

Victor Haskins & Skein promo reel

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"A New Way" (Victor Haskins) from Ikigai

"A New Way" (Victor Haskins) from Ikigai

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"Everything Is A Game, Somehow" (Victor Haskins)

"Everything Is A Game, Somehow" (Victor Haskins)

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Victor Haskins & Skein stands as a pioneering force in contemporary music, seamlessly blending original electroacoustic compositions with elements of storytelling, philosophy, and African diasporic influences.

"While wordless, Haskins' songs are like short stories," writes Style Weekly.  The experience of coming to hear Victor Haskins & Skein perform is akin to sitting down with your family and friends to play an intriguing new board game.  Victor, a master storyteller, introduces each of his compositions with a true story from his life experiences, or a carefully penned spoken word narrative…much like reading the rules to a game nobody has played before to focus our imaginations.  In this instance, the game pieces are our emotions and the game board is the original music; our collective attention is invested in embodying our humanity.  With each mellifluous tone that flies through the air, Victor Haskins & Skein intricately stitches together emotional depth, intellectual engagement, and dynamically textured sonic landscapes, creating an immersive musical journey which is woven into that moment forever.


Skein's latest album, Ikigai, features music that draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of finding one's "reason for living," a manifestation of Haskins' deeply personal philosophies and interactions. Tunes like "A New Way" delve into themes of internal struggle and renewal, with brooding basslines giving way to soaring cornet melodies amidst turbulent drum strikes and shimmering cymbal crashes, mirroring the complexities of self-discovery. "Alone with My Thoughts" transports listeners to moments of introspection, with deliberate, unexpected silences and ethereal synthesizer sounds evoking a serene atmosphere of contemplation. Meanwhile, "To Seek Understanding" serves as a musical tribute to life's invaluable lessons, guiding listeners through moments of conflict and resolution with soulful riffs and head-bobbing, face-scrunching grooves.  


Using their captivating performances, Victor Haskins & Skein invites audiences to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of musical discovery, leaving them inspired to embrace greater possibilities in their own lives.


Alleghany Highlands Arts Council


"As a presenter, we look to bring artists into our community that will engage our audience on all levels. Victor and his ensemble are not merely EXCELLENT  musicians; they are lovely human beings who are professional, friendly, and enjoyable. We expected an outstanding performance, but the beautiful human connection was a bonus."

-Tammy Scruggs-Duncan, Executive Director, Alleghany Highlands Arts Council, Alleghany County, VA


Perkinson Center for the Arts & Education


“Victor Haskins & SKEIN provided a truly immersive listening experience for our patrons and had them talking for weeks. Working with Victor, Randall, and Tony was seamless, from the behind the scenes planning to performance, everything was top notch. We look forward to having them again in our venue.”


-Chelsea Buyalos


Executive Director, Perkinson Center for the Arts & Education, Chester, VA

Lake Anna Jazz


"We've been fortunate to have Victor Haskins bring his talent and professionalism to our festival stage twice, and each visit has left the staff of Lake Anna Jazz in awe of his creativity, stage presence, and personality. He is not only a great communicator of musical ideas, but he also possesses much appreciated business communication skills that make it a pleasure to plan, brainstorm, and work with him. Our audience and staff had nothing but raves for his festival appearances, and I look forward to collaborating on additional projects in the near future."


-Robert McBride


President, Lake Anna Jazz, Mineral, VA

Excerpt from The Amelia Bulletin Monitor - June 23, 2022


On Tuesday, June 14, the James L. Hamner Public Library presented Richmond-based composer and musician Victor Haskins & SKEIN as part of the 2022 Marshall Bullock Summer Reading Program...


For over an hour, Victor Haskins played cornett and electronic wind instrument, Randall Pharr played bass, and Tony Martucci played drums while the audience listened to original compositions. Shoulders swayed, heads bobbed, and toes tapped to the lively music. Haskins introduced each piece by talking about how it came to be or meaning of the title. This added context allowed listeners to contemplate the music on a deeper level than simple enjoyment. Some of the pieces are scheduled to be recorded, so the audience got to hear them before they are available to the general public."

-Jill Hames


Director, James L. Hamner Library, Amelia, VA

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