Victor Haskins' "Skein"

A “skein" has two definitions:

1) a tangled or complicated arrangement, state, or situation.
2) a flock of wild geese or swans in flight, typically in a V-shaped formation.

The members of Victor Haskins’ “Skein” bring these definitions to life through the highly interactive interplay in which they engage with each other, clearly exhibiting a dynamic chemistry that concertgoers will immediately recognize and feel. Victor is joined by a bassist and drummer(s) to explore the possibilities of collective improvisation through the forum of original compositions crafted by Haskins for this specific configuration of players and personalities. The most recent documented recording of the Skein is on Victor Haskins' latest album--Showing Up. This album of all-original music is available now, and was released independently on the Bandcamp platform in February of 2019. Haskins' most recent project for Victor Haskins' “Skein” involves a series of compositions he has composed based on his interpretations of rhythms from the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé.

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