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If you are interested in hosting Victor as a clinician or for a residency, or if you have questions about what Victor can do for you/your organization, please send an email to

As a master educator (worked with The Kennedy Center from 2014-2020, currently on faculty at The College of William & Mary), Victor Haskins is able to connect with people on a variety of levels and a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Improvisation

  • Trumpet Playing

  • Composition

  • Technology in music and performance

  • Ensemble skills

  • artistic vision

  • cross-disciplinary collaboration

  • And more!

Here’s what presenters say about Victor Haskins in a residency situation:

Sweet Briar College

"We had the pleasure of hosting master improviser and multi-instrumentalist Victor Haskins at Sweet Briar College February 8-9, 2023.

Before, during, and after his visit, Victor was a joy to work with as an artist and a professional. He engaged with our students with very different levels of experience and inspired each one to participate freely by providing clear instruction and positive encouragement. He demonstrated his novel approach to live sound design and answered our students’ questions in a thorough and inspiring way.


Victor’s concert was electrifying as he looped together acoustic and digital sounds to create an immersive and dynamic sound experience for the audience. He welcomed questions and reflections from audience members, creating space for dialogue which allowed the public to better understand and appreciate his artistry.


After Victor’s visit, students commented that they valued the chance to interact with an artist who spoke so clearly and passionately about both his methods as well as his artistic vision.


We look forward to hosting Victor Haskins at Sweet Briar again in the future!"

-Anne Elise Thomas


Assistant Professor of Music, Sweet Briar College, Co-chair, Society for Arab Music Research (SAMR)

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