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Victor Haskins & ImproviStory Electronic Press Kit


ImproviStory™ is a one-man-band where multi-instrumentalist/sound artist Victor Haskins improvises immersive, cinematic, story-like soundscapes for the imagination. Audience members have their own personal, internal experience with what kind of story is suggested to them based on their perception of the conjured sound elements. Imagine a live band crossed with a DJ crossed with sounds from a mystical realm…all generated and performed by one person in real time without any pre-recorded elements.

ImproviStory performances include a talkback element with the audience to answer questions, discuss themes, and investigate artistic choices and processes.


Audio Only: This is the classic ImproviStory experience


Interactive Visual Experience: In this version of ImproviStory, Victor introduces generative, data-reactive digital art which he has designed with computer programming.  This is an augmented version of the classic experience; the visual elements dynamically “improvise” and react to the soundscapes Victor is creating in real time, thus heightening the immersive ImproviStory experience.




What Is ImproviStory™?🤔

What Is ImproviStory™?🤔

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What is ImproviStory? short

What is ImproviStory? short

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ImproviStory: Seen/(Scene) Sounds (part 1)+audience talkback

ImproviStory: Seen/(Scene) Sounds (part 1)+audience talkback

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ImproviStory: Seen/(Scene) Sounds (part 2) PLAY THE CHANDELIER

ImproviStory: Seen/(Scene) Sounds (part 2) PLAY THE CHANDELIER

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Alpha  Pioneers Academy

"The Rho Iota Lambda's Alpha Pioneers Academy is a leadership program designed for middle school boys and this year we had the good fortune of having Mr. Victor Haskins share his time and talents with our group. Victor's passion for innovation through music and technology allowed him to directly connect with the youth; therefore inspiring the youth to follow their own dreams and aspirations. Thank you Victor!"


-Dr. James Worsley


Director of Education, Rho Iota Lambda Chapter - Chesterfield, VA, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  

Richmond Public Library

Victor was wonderful to work with from start to finish. His relaxed demeanor helped make his complex and innovative work more approachable for a wider audience and the lively demonstrations kept folks engaged.

-Hannah Kilgore

Arts Programming Coordinator for Richmond Public Library’s Main Branch

Sweet Briar College

"We had the pleasure of hosting master improviser and multi-instrumentalist Victor Haskins at Sweet Briar College February 8-9, 2023.

Before, during, and after his visit, Victor was a joy to work with as an artist and a professional. He engaged with our students with very different levels of experience and inspired each one to participate freely by providing clear instruction and positive encouragement. He demonstrated his novel approach to live sound design and answered our students’ questions in a thorough and inspiring way.
Victor’s concert was electrifying as he looped together acoustic and digital sounds to create an immersive and dynamic sound experience for the audience. He welcomed questions and reflections from audience members, creating space for dialogue which allowed the public to better understand and appreciate his artistry.
After Victor’s visit, students commented that they valued the chance to interact with an artist who spoke so clearly and passionately about both his methods as well as his artistic vision.
We look forward to hosting Victor Haskins at Sweet Briar again in the future!"

-Anne Elise Thomas
Assistant Professor of Music, Sweet Briar College, Co-chair, Society for Arab Music Research (SAMR)

The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design
“Victor’s performance was unlike any other that our guests had experienced. His ability to convey a story through layering sounds and building a song right in front of our eyes was incredible to both watch and hear. A truly special experience!”
-Heather Ernst
Deputy Director, Branch Museum of Architecture & Design 

The College of William & Mary

“Haskins has created one of the most compelling, unique, and provocative musical experiences available to date with the ImproviStory. Haskins creates lush and creative soundscapes that can’t help but to captivate the audience. Haskins has his own collection of these ImproviStories, and also, is able to tailor the performance for a specific audience. Not only that, his ability to articulate his creative process, explain the various instruments and music technology that he’s using is truly impressive. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much of a delight he is to work with. He’s very responsive, adaptable and, a great communicator on top of being one of the most talented musicians this generation has seen.”
-Morgan Davis
Reference Librarian – Music Division, Library of Congress

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) Performing & Visual Arts Magnet Program

"Victor's multimedia work, "The American Way", was a raw glimpse into the soul of a nation that has struggled with racial inequality.  His multi-dimensional musical and artistic talents were on full display throughout the performance and, partnered with Monte Meoleaeke Jones' dance, offered a poignant perspective on the tribulations of the African American in our country."

-David Kauffman
Senior Manager, Performing & Visual Arts Magnet Program, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
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