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THIS SUNDAY, 10/10--Victor Haskins' SKEIN: Concert/Live Recording @ Orbital Music Park

Folks! You are all invited to a very special show on Oct 10 from 5-8pm EST at Orbital Music Park (also, streamed online on my YouTube channel by using the following link):

(Note--you can save and visit this link for now, and it will become live at 5pm EST on October 10. Watch from your computer or mobile device.)


My ensemble, Victor Haskins’ SKEIN, will perform! It is free (no entry fee) and open to all people (it is a family-friendly show)—masks are required for entry.

We will perform the suite of my original music that is based on rhythms from Candomblé. In the audience, you will even get to participate and learn/experience these rhythms yourself! This concert will be part of a series of events I am hosting that are to culminate in a live album as a result of a grant I received from the CultureWorks Richmond Grant Program. I will be recording this performance as a part of this project. The live album will be released in Spring of 2022, so you’ll definitely want to be a part of these special moments encapsulated in time! WE WANT YOUR ENERGY! We’ve been working on this music for 2 years now, so it feels good to get to record.

There is no fee for entry, so it should be accessible to all. However, I will accept any and all donations so that the expenses of creating this work can be taken care of (so maybe we can press physical copies of the CD instead of having just a digital release, etc).

You can donate to me on Venmo here: @victorxhaskins

You can donate to me on Cash App here: $VictorHaskins

You can donate to me on PayPal here: paypalme/victorxhaskins

October 10 from 5-8pm EST at Orbital Music Park (2100 Tomlynn Street, Richmond, VA, 23230)

Victor Haskins’ SKEIN personnel:

Victor Haskins -cornet, EWI, compositions

Randall Pharr -bass

Tony Martucci -drums

Will Roman -congas

We will see you there in the audience! We are so excited to play some unique, powerful music for you!

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