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CultureWorks RVA interviews Victor Haskins

CultureWorks: In life, we’re often improvising even when we don’t realize it. We improvise when we speak to one another, when something goes wrong, but most commonly when we are being creative. For 2021-2022 CultureWorks grantee Victor Haskins, improvisation is the language at the heart of his musical craft. We spoke with the instrumentalist about his live album, coming out at the end of the month.

“Arts and culture are life. Literally. They are not luxuries. Arts and culture are how we live, moment to moment. It’s important that we all cultivate positive, uplifting, and expansive cultures. We should strive to be artful in the way we move, the way we look at things, the way we listen to others and the world around us, and the way we create.” - Victor Haskins | Multidisciplinary Artist, Composer, & Educator

Read the full interview here:

photo by Tania del Carmen Fernandez

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