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Concert and Workshops at Sweet Briar College

What a fantastic couple of days I spent performing a concert and conducting workshops at Sweet Briar College with my ImproviStory project/concept. We discussed improvisation, “success”, careers in music/arts, and played a Turkish tune and an Arabic tune with Prof Thomas’ Middle Eastern ensemble, “Daisy’s Harp” (pictures may be on the way later from this? I don’t take pics while I’m in the middle of doing things—gotta live in the moment!). I then played in Pannell Gallery amongst an exhibit of Nepalese quilts entitled “many threads, one love” (and clearly I am an aggressive gesticulator when explaining things, haha!). Then I conducted a workshop for Prof Skeen’s dance class and Prof Harris’ sound design class (you can see them looking on in the background of the dance studio) as we played and discussed improvisation, composition, texture, communication, and a variety of other things.

I always relish the opportunity to connect with folks with ImproviStory, and now I have some ideas about future directions for this project! It is safe to say we all had an impactful experience. The hustle continues!

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