Artist Statement


photo by Tania del Carmen Fernandez

Improvisation is at the heart of my practice as an artist and creator. Improvisation is the most authentic manner of connecting with other people and transmitting ideas and emotions. In my definition of improvisation, one must have a high level of ability in executing actions guided by emotions, intellect, and spirituality, and an even higher level of ability in perceiving, processing, and responding to stimuli, both internal and external. The synthesis of these factors results in consistently inspired, intentional improvisational experiences.

Whether I’m composing music for an improvising ensemble, or designing an improvisational, multidisciplinary presentation, I focus on form as it relates to content. Creating the perfect form allows the aggregated elements/collaborators to express themselves together; simultaneously, form harnesses the collective skill and energy into a pointed statement.


Research sometimes plays a large role in the creation and performance of a work. Having real knowledge that comes from a variety of sources can be vital to reinforce one's instinct to the make the "right" or "best" choice. This is especially true in an improvisational context. This might mean researching a technique. Or studying a history. It could also mean looking within and gaining a deeper understanding of some aspect of the self. Or perhaps, some mixture of these parts.