photo by Craig Zirpolo

Creator/Practitioner of ImproviStory

Director of Kennedy Center Jazz Outreach

Sonaré Pro Brass Artist

Denis Wick Artist

“The Truth…could not have a more apt title. This is music: thoughtful, passionate, skillful, contemplative, life itself is contained within the set. Isn’t that what we would hope our music to be? The reflection of our lives?...In listening to The Truth…, I often found myself transported to a place where the only consideration at the time was the music and its emotive effect on my psyche."

-Ivan Orr (Grown Folks Music Blog)

"When I first listened to Mr. Haskins play, I was instantly reminded of the great rock guitar player Jimi Hendrix. You might wonder what the two musicians could have in common. Both musicians impressed me as being able to instantly move from mental creation to artistic technique. Both players, even though using different instruments and styles of music are/were able to perform whatever comes/came to mind without any technical difficulty...

When listening to most musicians, I hear the same licks and worn out patterns but in Mr. Haskins case, he seems to be free to reach down into his deepest areas to bring out new and refreshing ideas long overdue on our musical scene. Mr. Haskins seems to be fused mentally, as well as physically, with his instrument to produce pure musical creativity."

-Bruce Chidester (The Trumpet Blog)